Tomasz Kowal

Always making code simpler

Tomasz has been working with BEAM languages since 2010. He is now leading a small team in a Dutch financial startup, where they have been using Elixir and Phoenix in production for more than three years now.

Past Activities

Tomasz Kowal
Code BEAM Lite Berlin
11 Oct 2019
11.50 - 12.10

Desigining an Elixir library using token-based approach

The token-based approach means passing a single data structure into multiple functions as in `Ecto.Query,` `Ecto.Multi` or `Plug.Conn.`

In this talk, Tomasz will show an example library for composing Ecto queries that they developed to ease creating search forms. It includes validation, filtering, ordering and pagination.

He'll cover how library API affects consistency and the ability to debug.



Discussing trade-offs in the token-based approach to library design.


Elixir developers who want to learn about library design or want to build Ecto.Queries from smaller functions.