Vanessa Lee

Senior Software Engineer at Interfolio

Vanessa is a software engineer, avid reader, mother of three sons, and student of forensic genealogy. She's been developing s/w since the 90s and is currently an Elixir developer at Interfolio. Vanessa began working in the Erlang Ecosystem in 2011.

Past Activities

Vanessa Lee
06 Mar 2020
14.30 - 15.15

What are the best tools for browser testing? Click to find out

Writing end-user tests helps us think critically about how our application functions in the real world, but browser testing is time-intensive. Vanessa will analyse two specific to Elixir: Wallaby & Hound by covering their history, identifying pitfalls, and anticipating their future. She'll look at similarities and differences and compare performance, concurrency, & asynchronicity. Vanessa will devise a strategy for choosing the best framework for you and how to use the time you save by giving back to the toolset.






The talk objective is to dig deeply into the two available Elixir libraries for automated testing.


Beginner and Intermediate.

Vanessa Lee
Code BEAM America 2021
03 Nov 2021
12.25 - 13.05

And Yet Akin: Name Disambiguation in Elixir

Synonymity and homonymity make name disambiguation difficult. To ease this difficulty, I combined two unmaintained Elixir string comparison libraries and added preprocessing and a double metaphone algorithm. The result is a comprehensive map of scores for pattern identification and machine learning. This talk will address the pre-processing, algorithms, and scoring as well as the strengths and limitations. A live demonstration of scoring will allow us to identify patterns. We end with a discussion of how to gain further benefits from the scores.


To introduce the problem of name disambiguation and string comparison by looking at two existing string comparison libraries before addressing the process of combining them into a single repository. I hope attendees will leave understanding the problem as well as the strengths, limitations, and possibilities of the new library and how it can be used to address the challenges of name disambiguation. 


Beginner to intermediate programmers.

Vanessa Lee
Code Elixir LDN
18 Jul 2019
15.30 - 15.50

UI Testing is Ruff; Hound Can Help

Whether you call it UI testing, End-to-End Testing, End-to-User Testing, or Acceptance Testing--it is often an intensely manual and time-consuming process.

Hound, an Elixir library, can carry some of the load through browser automation. Browser automations means that developers can automate their user interactions — clicks, fill inputs, file uploads, selecting options, radio buttons, etc.

Hound tests saved Vanessa days of manual end-user testing on a project, and she will be sharing this knowledge in her talk.