Wiebe-Marten Wijnja

Developer / Contributor / Fanboy


Wiebe-Marten loves conceiving things that just keep working. A Computing Scientist in body and mind. Wiebe-Marten has 12+ years of practical web-development experience. In 2012, he started to specialise in working with decentralised, distributed and fault-tolerant systems. Initially working with Blockchain-based systems from 2012 onwards, the BitTorrent protocol, and other systems that allow for decentralised data sharing. He is an enthusiastic open sourcerer, a long-time developer using the Elixir programming language (maintainer of more than 20 libraries on Hex.PM), and a moderator on the Elixir Forum. You can also occasionally hear him (being wrong) in discussions on the Elixir mailing list.

In his spare time, Wiebe-Marten loves making music (piano, marimba), running, dancing and experiencing new things.

Past Activities

Wiebe-Marten Wijnja
28 May 2020
16.45 - 17.15

Guards! Guards! the What, How and Why

Guard conditions are one of Elixir (and Erlang)'s fundamental constructs. In this talk we take a '6 levels of difficulty' approach, explaining:
- what guards are, exactly.
- the differences between `cond`, `case` and `with`
- how guard conditions differ from similar constructs in other languages.
- building your own guards using `defguard`
- how to write 'guard-aware' macros.
- how to go completely overboard in writing guard-safe code (and why you should not do so ;-) )