William Huba

Distributed systems engineer and co-founder of JumpWire

William is an engineer and co-founder of JumpWire. He greatly enjoys working with distributed systems to solve problems (and create new ones). He’s been working with Elixir since 2015 and loves helping people dive deeply into the Elixir ecosystem.

Past Activities

William Huba
Code BEAM America 2021
04 Nov 2021
10.00 - 10.40

Ditch the DB: Using In-Memory Replicated Distributed State

When data needs to be accessible from every node on a cluster, a DB is often a necessary choice. But what if you want to avoid that extra dependency and keep everything in-memory? The library Horde utilizes a technique called delta CRDTs for distributed supervisors and registries.

In this talk you’ll learn how delta CRDTs work (using Horde as an example), how to leverage delta CRDTs for your own synchronized state, and the tradeoffs for doing so versus a traditional database.


  • Explain the concept of Delta State Replicated Data Types
  • Detail the tradeoffs between using the DeltraCrdt library and an external database
  • Teach how to use delta CRDTs as a building block for application state, using Horde and other custom code examples for illustration


Experienced software engineers who have at least some Elixir experience and work with (or are interested in) the distributed properties of the BEAM.