William King

Every Millisecond Counts

When not collecting really hard puzzles and dying often in his favorite first person shooters William is a real-time communications expert and a core developer of the Freeswitch project, William led the development of Flowroute’s core tech, Portugal Telecom next generation network, and the Silent Circle network. You can find William on Discord at william_subspace#0451

Past Activities

Jane Walerud / Rob Mee / William King / Alistair Woodman
Code BEAM V America
11 Mar 2021
10.45 - 11.25

Panel Discussion around Startups, Venture Capital in the Erlang Ecosystem

In this Panel, we bring together angel and VC investors and founders to discuss the main drivers behind startups, investment and the BEAM. The panel features angel investor Jane Walerud, who not only got Erlang open sourced at Ericsson, but has invested and been CEO of multiple companies using the BEAM. Rob Mee is the founder of Pivotal labs, and is currently running an incubator which makes heavy use of Elixir. William King is the co-founder of Subspace, a company building the world’s (and space’s) fastest internet. Subspace has successfully raised over $100m over multiple rounds of funding. Together, we will discuss what really matters when raising funds. Was it the technology stack, the passion, the idea, the track record, or a mixture of all of them? What do VCs look for, and what do founders have to do to succeed?