William Yang

Software Engineer at EMQ X

Software Engineer at EMQ X.

Past Activities

William Yang
Code BEAM Europe 2022
19 May 2022
12.25 - 12.50

QUICER: Next-Generation Transport Protocol Library for BEAM

QUIC (RFC 9000) is a general-purpose transport layer protocol. It is selected as the transport layer for next-generation internet protocol HTTP/3. QUIC runs over UDP but it solves some issues that TCP could not and brings in a new way of developing and new features.
In this talk, we will give an introduction to QUIC protocol and then introduce the open-source NIF library QUICER (GitHub - emqx/quic: QUIC Protocol for Erlang & Elixir) that we build for BEAM.


Get started with quic protocol and get community attention about the QUICER NIF library.


Someone wants to catch up with the next-generation transport protocol.
Someone wants to get some introduction with the quic protocol.
Someone wants to know how to use quicer.