Zhengyu Pan

Zhengyu Pan

VP of open source product at EMQ

Zhengyu has been building MQTT based IoT systems for companies at various scales since 2017. These systems are now connection millions of devices over the world.

Past Activities

Zhengyu Pan
Code BEAM STO 2019
17 May 2019
15.20 - 15.45

Scalable MQTT messaging platform for IoT in 5G era

Powered by Erlang/OTP, EMQ X is a highly scalable, highly available distributed message broker for most IoT applications as well as M2M and mobile applications, applicable virtually everywhere. An EMQ X cluster can handle up to tens of millions of connections. Today, thousands of enterprise users, including 10+ fortune 500 companies, are using EMQ X connecting more than 50 million devices.

EMQ is now bringing its broker into the 5G era.


1. Introduce a very powerful IoT broker written in Erlang;

2. Discuss how the IoT industry can benefit from 5G era.


MQTT/IoT Application Developers, System Integrator