Zoltán Dankó

Zoltán Dankó

Designing the Future of Finance, Head of Distributed Systems Development at OTP Bank

Zoltan has 10+ years of helping customers figuring out new business lines, translating them into a technological direction and resulting in a merge of business and technology. He also has hands-on experience in digital transformation in corporate environment.

Cultural transformation requires an attitude of growth mindset and collaboration skills which Zoltan has extensively.

Past Activities

Zsolt Laky / Zoltán Dankó
Code BEAM Lite Budapest
20 Sep 2019
16.30 - 17.00

To Beam or not to Beam

Concurrent execution of different versions of scripts written in Lua.


To walk through the building of a system that launches the proper version of software, based on time-stamp.


Intermediate developers