Learning Elixir Better Through Collaboration and Giving Back - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018
Mohnish Jadwani

Slides from Mohnish Jadwani's talk at Code BEAM SF 2018 - "Learning Elixir Better Through Collaboration and Giving Back".

Update: Elixir Core Dev Team - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018
James Fish

Slides from James Fish's talk "Update: Elixir Core Dev Team" - Code BEAM SF 2018

Release, deploy, monitor and upgrade - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018
Tian Chen

Slides from Tian Chen's talk "Release, deploy, monitor and upgrade elixir services in real world" - Code BEAM SF 2018

Arduino, Elixir and Nerves - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018
Christopher Coté

Slides from Christopher Coté's talk "Arduino, Elixir and Nerves: A deep dive into the Firmata protocol" - Code BEAM SF 2018

SOLID Elixir - SLIDES - Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018
Georgina McFadyen

Slides for the Georgina Fadyen's talk "SOLID Elixir" - Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018

Why you should attend Code BEAMSTO and how to convince your boss?

Your manager may not immediately recognise the benefits of you attending Code BEAM STO, for both yourself and the business as a whole. There are over 40 talks this year, covering a broad mix of subjects and championing many new tools, techniques and time-saving implementations, revealed at Code BEAM STO first. There is no other conference that brings such a range of talks together.

Deploying Elixir/Erlang applications to Kubernetes - SLIDES - Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018
Dario Freddi

Slides for the Dario Freddi's talk "Deploying Elixir/Erlang applications to Kubernetes - the right way" - Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018

From a web application to a distributed system
Gianluca Padovani

There is currently a lot of interest in how these problems are solved in the BEAM environment (using Actor model) and how some common patterns like Supervisor or GenServer are used in other languages or frameworks, Akka for example.

Kate Travers’ Journey from Art shipping to Elixir Senior Engineer
Kate Travers

Kate is building ‘learn.co,’ a learning management system with added interactivity and community features. The system only needs one click to “Open IDE” and launch a functional development environment right in the browser. Flatiron are particularly excited about this feature because it allows students new to coding to get a taste of programming with real tools that developers use on the job. Unlike a REPL (a read-eval-print-loop) that executes a few lines of simple code, the IDE allows students to experience the more complex interaction between editing different files and executing them from a command line, all in browser.

Why should Elixir developers get familiar with Erlang and the BEAM at Code BEAM STO?
Claudio Ortolina

Elixir, Erlang and LFE certainly have different features but they all share a foundation that carries the same ideas, techniques and patterns. Having familiarity with each technology is a major strength: it allows you to tap into a wider ecosystem and get the best out of every technology. Even if you end up using only one language in your day to day development, that knowledge will be useful in giving you more tools to reason with and to solve problems efficiently.

Convince your boss - Code Elixir LDN

Code Elixir LDN saves your team time by getting the answers to your tech problems from experts who have already spent the time solving them! Code Elixir LDN helps your team avoid issues later down the line by learning more about the next generation of tools, frameworks and processes now! Code Elixir LDN brings top professionals, innovators and inventors together all in one place, maximising the opportunity for intensive learning and understanding. Code Elixir LDN will bring you up to speed with new approaches, technologies and processes through its training days. Code Elixir LDN will further amplify your understanding through networking with fellow developers and engineers, exchanging notes, experiences and solutions face-to-face.

What companies and start-ups depend on Elixir in production?

The need for developers to manage high-traffic systems means that adding Elixir to their programming stack makes sense. Elixir compiles to Erlang and inherits all of its advantages, for example performance, stability, concurrency, scalability and fault-tolerance. At Code Elixir LDN there is a mix of advanced and beginner talks. The 10 talks cover subjects like GraphQL, Invariants, pattern matching, view controllers, test driven macro development, long-term Elixir code management and discovering distributed systems. There will also be breakout sessions, talk to an expert sessions and networking opportunities throughout the day. Elixir has been much more widely adopted over the past couple of years and what follows is only a few of the many companies that now use Elixir in production right now

Top 10 Elixir conferences in 2018

2018 was an incredible year for sharing knowledge and experience within the Elixir community, and the year has no signs of letting up! Here's a roundup of the exciting events covering Elixir and Phoenix which have caught our eye for the rest of 2018!

Elixir powers first Car Share Service from Toyota
Powell Kinney

Toyota has just launched its first global car sharing platform, operated by Servco Pacific, Toyota’s distributor in Hawaii. The Hui service utilises Toyota’s proprietary global Mobility Service Platform (MSPF) which is built partly with Elixir. Toyota Connected and Servco developed the service together as one of the first public applications of MSPF, the core ecosystem for leveraging the potential of connected vehicle systems to support the development of new mobility businesses – such as car-sharing, ride-sharing and remote delivery.

Building Blockchain in Elixir
Philipp Piwowarsky

Building Blockchain in Elixir At æternity we chose Elixir to build an alternative implementation of our blockchain protocol. We’ve had a lot of good experiences with this choice, and few bad ones.