Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam 2018 - slides from the conference


Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam 2018 took place on 30 November in the capital of bikes and stroopwafels! In an encouraging environment, attendees got to grips with key Erlang and Elixir concepts, through 13 carefully selected talks.

The conference was a great success, below we share the slides from all the talks.

Maciej Kaszubowski - The big ball of nouns

Madeleine Malmsten - Building a Living Lab

Marc Worrell - Turning Zotonic inside out — secured MQTT everywhere

Michał Muskała - What actually is the BEAM?

Péter Gömöri - XProf 2.0 - evolution of tracing-based investigation

Peter Saxton - Mind your own business View Controller

Sanne Kalkman - Who Takes Out Your Trash?

Sasa Juric - Such great heights

Thomas Arts - Automatically generating your tests from a specification

Tjaco Oostdijk - Things you could do with mix, but probably shouldn't :)

Willem de Jong - Getting Erlang to talk to the outside world – in a language that they understand

Zachary Kessin - Types in Erlang - a shallow dive (video)