Exop on StreamData

Andrey will tell a story of how he was inspired by Andrea Leopardi's talk. Property-based testing is a mindset at ElixirConfEU 2018 in Warsaw, Poland, and what is ExopData as the result of this inspiration.

The audience will find out what are Exop and StreamData with a brief description of these libraries. Next, Andrey is going to provide the idea behind ExopData, how it was started and evolved, which tricky moments we've faced during the implementation. And how ExopData can help you with data generating or property-based testing.


First of all, Andrey wants to inspire developers to share their knowledge, participate in conferences, because this is the way how interesting OSS borns. How a single conference might bring you an idea and how this idea evolves. Another goal is to present ExopData itself, of course, and how it can help to write well organized and tested code.


This talk might be interesting for those who are keen on property-based testing as well as in 'modular' (or service-based) code organisation.